Welcome to the website of fingerstyle guitarist Marc Perin!

Marc Perin was born in Taisten/Welsberg (South Tyrol/Pustertal) in 1993. He spent his childhood there as the son of a South Tyrolean mum and an Italian dad. It is also his dad who one day brings a guitar home because he wants to start playing himself. For Marc, this guitar is something beautiful and mysterious at the same time. Sometimes he touches it when no one is watching him. Even when his dad stops playing after a while, the guitar is in the flat and remains untouched in a cupboard for a few years. At music school, Marc starts playing the flute at the age of 7. After two years he wants to learn to play a second instrument, but he doesn’t know which one. After attending music classes for a year without playing an instrument, he starts with guitar. The reason is simple: it’s the only instrument the Perin family already has in the house. At the music school, Marc has a guitar teacher who doesn’t teach classical guitar,but comes from a jazz background and considers the guitar as an accompanying instrument. So the first thing Marc learns is chords and strumming (to the chagrin of his family and neighbours).


The first three years at music school go by and the guitar stays in its bag gathering dust during the summer months. Until Maria Vivaldelli, Marc’s guitar teacher, invites him to a music week. This takes place in Brixen at the Vinzentinum. Many music students with different instruments meet there and play and live together for a week. After this week, Marc doesn’t want to put the guitar down. Playing together with other people makes him feel a power greater than anything he had felt before.

Almost at the same time as the music week in Brixen, Marc receives another inspiration. Again it is his father who gives him the idea. Just as Marc is in his room, there is a knock at the door and his father enters, holding a cassette. He had recorded a live concert of a guitar duo during a car ride because he thought this music might interest Marc. The guitar duo is called Rodrigo y Gabriela. Marc, sceptical at first, puts the cassette into his radio and presses play. What he then hears changes his life forever. The music that this duo made and still makes puts the boy in an ecstatic state. Marc knows only one thing: “I want to do that! I don’t know how, but that’s what I want to do!” So he starts listening to the cassette up and down and tries to replay what was played. To this day, 16 years later, Marc loves the style of the two virtuosos and his playing is influenced by it. At the age of 17, Marc watches a video of the fingerstyle guitarist Tommy Emmanuel for the first time. This video also inspires Marc and he starts to learn the technique of fingerstyle. Andrea Valeri, an Italian guitar player, is also a great inspiration for Marc in this area.

Marc has played in several different formations: Marc y Valentina, Perin & Barbarossa, Gitarmonica Trio. Marc still makes music today with a long-time and good friend, Stefan Pfattner. He also enjoys playing and singing with Christa Plank. In 2019, after several albums with the duo Perin & Barbarossa and Gitarmonika Trio, he released his first studio album called “Life-Metronome” (You can find the philosophy behind this album in the menu under Albums- Life-Metronome). This album was created through the collaboration with the artist Luis Seiwald from Pichl/Gsies. Marc followed the idea of a pupil and asked Luis if he could paint his guitar. He said yes and a picture was created, which you can see under the menu item Guitar Art. The recordings for the CD took place partly on the site of an art exhibition of Seiwald and his wife Barbara Seeber in Niederdorf (Pustertal) and partly in his studio in Pichl/Gsies. This collaboration is very important to Marc and he is grateful to Luis Seiwald for it.

At the moment Marc lives in Taisten/Welsberg in the Val Pusteria, teaches there at the Musicschool in Bruneck and works on several albums, one of which he has already pusblished (“Seen this Before”). The newest album, “Grow”, will be published in April 1st.

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